“One of the cool and defining things about the movie is that is has a strong causal message that resonated with me when I read the script. It’s about a young man who has just been released from prison and finds himself up against a very real set of circumstances: does he take the second chance that has been afforded to him, or does he take the easier route and revert back to a life of crime?”

Quinton Aaron, Actor/Executive Producer

“In this film I wish to take my certainly less-than-perfect protagonist and make his battle the audience’s battle”

Ben Caird, Writer/Director

“Halfway is a right-of-passage story seen through the eyes of our protagonist and further themes that run through the story include strong family values and the belief that everyone deserves a second chance. Byron’s story asks the audience to consider the serious systematic failure within the American prison system, where a lack of opportunity for those who have transgressed in their past seems to guarantee a future behind bars.”

Jonny Paterson, Producer